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Making noise
Creating and distributing electronic music is easier than ever. Music equipment is so affordable these days, basically anyone can compose cool music, even if you are a young student on a tight budget. Switch on the computer you already have, load up a sequencer, click a few buttons and you're already well on your way. You do not need studio time nor expensive distribution if you want to record your songs and let the world know about them.
But cheap does not mean things come easy. Composing well-crafted songs is something completely different than producing more or less random sounds. The latter can be done by anyone who can press a button, the former requires talent, the right gear as well as hard work and perseverance to develop your skills and gain experience.
We at midichords love composing electronic music ourselves and like many others we're constantly striving to develop our skills.
Back in 2009 the idea was born to create and collect midi files and make them available for people who share the same passion for music. The thing with midi files is that they can easily be exchanged, imported, studied and serve as building blocks for your own compositions. In other words, midi files can help you understand how music works. Whether you're focusing on groove, melody, chords, studying the way others build up their songs is an invaluable method for constantly raising the bar in your own work.
In 2010 we launched, a site where you could upload and download midi files for free. The concept that everything had to be free was fundamental to us. We were here to help people who shared our passion for music, regardless of their budget.
2012 upgrade
The old site had its flaws and we no longer believed it was good enough. That's why we embarked on a journey and developed everything from scratch. And after many months of hard work we launched the new site in September 2012.
Everything is new, except for one thing. All the midi files can still be downloaded for free. is by and for composers, not a selling platform.
Among the highlights of the new site are 'midi to mp3 composition competitions' and a brand new blog with tips and tricks, tutorials, reviews, interviews and much more. We believe these new features really fit in. We want to be much more than your average midi download site. We want to be a true resource for everyone interested in composing and producing electronic music.
Welcome to midichords!