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Midi2MP3 Competitions

Free midi files organizes Midi2MP3 competitions. It is easy and fun to participate! You simply download a free midi file, turn it into a cool composition in your favorite DAW and submit it in MP3 format. Give it a try. We're not giving away grand prizes and limousine rides through New York, but there is something to win! And more important there is something to learn - perhaps for you, but definitely for our other members. That's why we are here. To help. To learn.
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Latest Competitions

Free midi files Here you find a list with the latest competitions. Click the image for more info.

Midi2MP3 competition #3
Midi2MP3 competition #2
Midi2MP3 competition #1 (launch celebration)

Hall of Fame

Free midi files Winning members who entered the Midi2MP3 hall of fame. A click on their avatar takes you right to their winning mp3.