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Midi2MP3 competition #1 (launch celebration)

Free midi files
We've just launched our completely revamped midichords website and we're celebrating with a special Midi2MP3 composition competition. Everyone can join! Everyone can win! Simply create a short composition based on this competition's midi, export it to mp3 format and upload the mp3 to midichords. Before you start, read the competition details below. If you have any questions or comments regarding this competition, simply use our regular contact form.

You can win a USD 99,- gift certificate. The prize is transferrable, but there is no cash alternative. The gift certificate can be used towards the purchase of any of the current Image Line products from the Image Line webshop (ImageLine is the maker of FL Studio).

How to enter

To enter the competition, follow the steps below:
  • Download the following midi file free midi trance lead
  • Import the midi file in your preferred sequencer(s) and compose an arrangement not shorter than 120 seconds (2 minutes) and not longer than 240 seconds (4 minutes). You may use automation and effects and add groove, chords, melodies and other elements. You may also split the pattern. For example you could split the pattern into two separate patterns with high and low notes. But it is important that the (melodic) essence of the downloaded midi pattern is recognizable. If we can not recognize the pattern one way or another, your mp3 will not enter the competition
  • Upload the mp3 file no later than October 5th, 2012 00:00 UTC/GMT.
    The submission period has been closed
  • Enter a short description and explain how you composed the arrangement. What sequencer did you use? Did you use any special VST plugins? Did you use any effects? You get the picture...
Note that if you do not follow the rules explained above, your mp3 may not enter the competition.


After the mp3 submission period all mp3's go live at the same time. The following rules apply:
  • After the mp3 submission period, visitors can listen to and rate the entries during a voting period.
  • The voting period runs from October 5th, 2012 00:00 UTC/GMT to November 2nd, 2012 00:00 UTC/GMT
    The voting period has been closed
  • Entries must be rated at least 20 times in order to be considered for the shortlist. Entries with less than 20 ratings will not be announced winner even if they have the highest rating
  • In case multiple entries end up having the same rating, will cast the final vote and choose the winner.
The winner will be announced on immediately following the voting period. The result is final and cannot be appealed against.

Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply:
  • We will not tolerate spammy behavior on the platform. Do not upload multiple mp3's under different user names. If we spot this behavior you will be excluded from the competition
  • Midichords reserves the right to change the submission and voting periods or to withdraw this competition at any time (for example in case there are less than 10 entries)
  • By participating you grant the right to use your MP3 on the website in any way we deem useful for our visitors. You cannot revoke this right
  • By participating you also agree that may contact you for a more in-depth explanation on how you composed your contribution. Your are not obliged to provide this explanation, but in case you do it will be highly appreciated by our members. Your explanation will be published on's blog with a backlink to your MP3. We're all here to learn from eachother!

Winner announced!

Free midi files
We are proud to announce the winner of this competition!


deimateos scored a rating of 3.83 (out of max 5). 13 people rated the entry


Free midi files The following members entered the competition with an mp3. To listen to and rate the mp3's simply go to the competition's 'quick vote page'. You can also check out every entry individually by clicking the images below.

Rating 3.08 (14)
Rating 3.17 (13)
Rating 3.5 (13)
The winner!
Rating 3.83 (13)
Rating 2.33 (13)
Rating 3.55 (12)
Rating 3.11 (10)
Rating 3.0 (10)
Rating 3.6 (11)
Rating 2.89 (10)
Rating 3.0 (10)

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