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Apart from our blog with tutorials, reviews, interviews and more, has the following cool features:
Video Tutorials
We have an awesome index with the very best video tutorials you can find on YouTube. It has been created for and by our members and you can help expanding it! Have you seen a cool video tutorial on YouTube lately? Suggest it and we include it in our ever growing list!
Our index allows you to search, watch, favor, comment, share, rate up and rate down videos.
It has never been easier to find quality video tutorials that will help you to boost your skills!
Free Midi Files has loads of free midi files that you can use as inspiration for your own compositions.
You can search midi files, favor and rate them, leave comments, share them with your friends and most importantly you can download them for free!
Check them all out. We're sure you'll find something of your liking! Every midi file is carefully created or selected by We cannot guarantee every file suits your taste. But we guarantee we are dedicated to building a great free midi archive with regular new uploads!
Midi2MP3 competitions organizes Midi2MP3 competitions. It is easy and fun to participate! You simply download a free midi file, turn it into a cool composition in your favorite DAW and submit it in MP3 format. Give it a try. We're not giving away grand prizes and limousine rides through New York, but there is something to win! And more important there is something to learn - perhaps for you, but definitely for our other members. That's why we are here. To help. To learn.
On a regular basis announces new competitions on the website, twitter and facebook. When a new competition is online, just go to the competition page, download the applicable midi file and start composing. The competition page tells you before what date you will need to upload your mp3.
After the submission period the voting period starts, during which members of can rate each entry.
Naturally, the entry with the highest rating wins! The winner receives a prize and enters the Midi2MP3 hall of fame!
Connect to Facebook allows you to login with your Facebook account. No need to signup first, no need to remember yet another account and password.