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midichords // over 3 years ago //

Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding are stars in their own right and do not need a collaboration to boost a faulting career. But the duo from 'I Need Your Love' have teamed up again for another amazing poppy track. Outside is currently storming charts worldwide. And for a reason. Calvin's plucky synth sounds and Ellie's whispering voice are a combination made in heaven.

Outside begins with a sparkling synth, but is pushed to new heights when Ellie starts singing:


Look at what you've done / Stand still, falling away from me / When it takes so long / Fire's out what do you want to be / Now I'm holding on / Myself was never enough for me...


This track instantly captivates you. The twinkling synths, catchy beat, great lyrics and most of all the soft, sensitive, whispery voice of Ellie. It's poppy, typical Calvin Harris. Like it or hate it. But Outside is a spot on dance track, head and shoulders above the ordinary.

If you like it, make sure to download the midi file free-midi-calvin-harris-outside-feat-ellie-goulding. Load it up in your sequencer and be inspired!

Oh yeah, the video is somewhat confusing, but who really cares? Have a look yourself.

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