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midichords // over 5 years ago //

We need members who have a moment to spare to rate compositions that were submitted in connection to the first ever Midi2MP3 composition competition on During the last month, several members have downloaded a midi file and turned that file into some really great arrangements!
Now the time has come for other members to cast their vote. And your help will be greatly appreciated! 
So what do I do? 
Go to the competition page here and click on the first entry in the list with submissions (click on the member's avatar/picture). This will bring you to the composition that the member uploaded. 
On the composition page, you can both listen to and rate the composition. Note that you can change your mind and rate each composition multiple times. But only the last rating will count. 
After you have rated a composition, click the 'Next' button below the composition. This will take you to the next submission in the list (or you can simply click another user's avatar/picture in the list). 
Final note: You will need to signup/login to rate submissions. 


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