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midichords // over 3 years ago //

One thing that many music video's have in common is that they often feature beautiful, scantily clad girls. Well, that applies to EDM video's at least. I have yet to spot them in classical concerts on YouTube. It is all part of the attraction I guess. But one thing is being casted to look gorgeous and run around in bikini or underwear, another is being filmed during a dance party/event and then - some time later -  find your pretty party face in an official music video.

This article is about the latter. Girls from next door. Music and party lovers who were spotted while letting their hair down. I know it is tempting to search for girls in bikinis, but in this post I'll focus on happy, pretty faces. If you want to see skin, I suppose you know where to look elsewhere.

Have a look at a few randomly selected nameless party babes. Which one should be crowned "miss gorgeous party girl" according to you? Write your choice in the comments!

Party girl #1

This is the girl from the article picture. Only briefly visible in Gareth Emery's Dynamite featuring Christina Novelli (here, but her gorgeous eyes and smile make a lasting impression!

Party girl #2

You can barely see her face, but the very sequence where she opens her eyes is enchanting to say the least (here The crew making the video must have thought the same as the same sequence can be seen twice in Martin Garrix' track Proxy.

Party girl #3

The girl in Code Black's Brighter Day (here makes you want to join the party. She's obviously having fun!


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