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midichords // about 3 years ago //

We're constantly looking for sample products that we can review and feature here on Midichords. And if you have been following us you know we have a weak spot for the products from 5Pin Media, a Loopmasters label. The philosophy behind their products is to help beginners and more experienced composers with quality products where MIDI and samples are fused in highly inspirational toolkits. This time we will have a closer look at Epic House Riffs, a great starting point for your next - seriously pumping - club house composition!

In general, when considering a new sample pack, there are a couple of things you want to ask yourself:

  1. Are the sounds/samples good for my genre?
  2. What's the ease of use? For instance, can I use the files immediately or do I have to tweak them before they're good enough?
  3. Does the sample pack inspire me and ignite my creativity?

Now, while Epic House Riffs may not be your ultimate sound/sample library with loads of unique sounds (which is not what it claims to be by the way), it does come with many popular sounds that are extremely useful as a starting point. Not only because they will allow you to compose a great sounding track, but also because they help you understand what sounds many producers use. 

More specifically, the product contains 164 MIDI files in 10 different construction kits. These files cover patterns for Bass, Leads, Chords, Piano Chords, Pads, Strings, Melodies and Arps. The pack also includes 262 WAV loops and 266 REX loops, again spread across 10 construction kits.

The MIDI kits and corresponding WAV/REX kits make 5Pin Media's releases highly intuitve and easy to use. Literally, within minutes you are up and running and filling your room with pumping sounds. Instant satisfaction! Obviously, you do not want to stop there, but this is where the real power of Epic House Riffs comes in. The product ignites your creativity. Once you have loaded some MIDI and used some of the included sounds, you can start tweaking. Let's switch some notes in the MIDI pattern, add a few layers with my own sounds, throw in some effects. You will be amazed by the results!

To give you an idea of what you can do with this product, have a listen:

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced producer, we think this release from 5Pin Media is a great addition to your library. Again, not because it has unique sounds, but because it will boost your creativity and helps you composing great sounding tracks in no time. It is not a pure sample product. Rather, we would call it a 'creativity pack', which combines the power of MIDI with quality samples.

If you want to get started with this product, simply click the image below which takes you to the product page at Loopmasters. Order your copy and start composing great house tracks today! And once you've finished a track, remember to let us know and maybe we will feature your production on the website!



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