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Our motto here at midichords is that you can never own enough samples and midi files, which is why we keep sharing them with you. For free that is. Next best is cheap, high quality patterns. We are therefore proud to present an exclusive 20% discount for any purchase at, a market leader when it comes to superior quality sample and midi based products.

Not so long ago we reviewed one of Loopmasters products - MODERN HOUSE BEATS - from Loopmasters' 5pin Media label. We were really impressed. 5Pin Media specializes in combining MIDI patterns with audio samples to create unique and highly flexible sample products. MIDI has been around for some decades and audio samples are far from new either. But 5Pin Media brings the two worlds together in a range of MIDI based sample products that can give anyone that burst of creativity they're looking for.

To give you - our valued visitor - the possibility to try out Loopmasters products without emptying your wallet, we hereby offer you an exclusive 20% discount on any purchase at Loopmasters. Just click the image below, find the product of your choice on the Loopmasters website and enter the exclusive discount code MIDI20 in the coupon code field when you checkout.




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