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midichords // about 3 years ago //

Veteran DJ Ferry Corsten has done it again! With Back To Paradise - from the HelloWorld EP Part 1 - Ferry demonstrates he is still one of the most talented trance producers out there. Listening to his tracks is like getting liquid emotion injected directly into your veins and as far as I am concerned Back to Paradise really lives up to that reputation. The solid beat, the catchy, arpeggiated melodic line and last but not least the fantastic vocals by Haris, a dutch X-Factor star, lift you up and carry you through the entire song. Solid as a rock, it stands out just like many of Ferry's earlier productions. 

I am flabbergasted as to why Ferry's tracks do not get more views than they do. But it is like exquisite food I suppose. Not for the masses, but those who taste are sold. 

Have a listen and deem for yourself. 

The Hello World EP Part 1 is out on all major portals!



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