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Jon Skarin is an electronic music composer from Denmark whose mastery is composing suprisingly enchanting and mesmerizing songs, blending styles such as dance, new age, classical and celtic/irish. Small, musical pearls. Too good to ignore in our opinion. 

His tracks reveal a highly original and artistic approach to music and they radiate this mesmerizing quality that instantly captivates you. Sometimes, his songs fascinate by their sheer simplicity, by what is left out rather than by what is put in. Jon never seems to use a sound or detail too much, yet he is in complete control and always succeeds to infuse a deep sense of atmosphere. 

This talented producer has produced tracks under various names, most prominently Smaasten (a closed project) and his own name Jon Skarin. Under Smaasten we find compositions which are mostly dance/trance oriented while the tracks he produces under his own name are everything but dance/trance and more experimental. Here we find beautiful piano and guitar pieces, chillout tunes, celtic influences and much more. 

When we contacted Jon and asked him what his favorite DAW's are he told us he uses Reason 6.5, FL Studio and Renoise, with FL Studio being his latest addition.

Enough talking, let's focus on some of his tracks. Listen to My Secrets for example, a splendid, subdued composition with a beautiful melancholic atmosphere.

Jon Skarin - My Secrets by Jon Skarin


In The Battle of Aughrim 1691 Jon Skarin fuses dance with celtic tunes. 

The Battle of Aughrim 1691 by Smaasten


Du vil altid være en engel (You will always be an angel) is a wonderful classical piano piece that really shows Jon's technical and creative skills.

Jon Skarin - Du vil altid være en engel by Jon Skarin



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