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midichords // almost 3 years ago //

Who wouldn't want to be the proud owner of Cirlce2, easily one of the best virtual synths on the market? Developed in Berlin by Future Audio Workshop, this is their flagship product. Beautifully designed, even better sounding than its predecessor Circle and extremely intuitive. And the best thing? Only one click on Facebook may separate you from this awesome synth. Yes, it's that easy guys. Like our page on Facebook and you will automatically enter the draw!

Circle² is capable of producing an incredible amount of changing sounds. To produce these sounds, Circle² has different modules that are combined and modified in different ways to produce and effect unique tones. In total, Circle² has the possibility to have 32 single notes or voices playing at the same time and comes with over 200 pre-made sounds easily found in a clever sound Preset Browser.

So what are you waiting for? See below how this great synth could be yours!

How to enter

Simply navigate to our page on Facebook here and like us. That's it!

When to enter

You can enter the draw until June 15th, 2015. So make sure to like us before that date!

How we select the winner

We randomly select 1 winner from among the likes we receive between this article going live and June 15th, 2015. We will contact this person by sending a message on FB. If sending a message is not possible (due to the person's FB settings), we will select another winner until we found someone we can contact. Once we have established a dialogue we will explain how the free copy of Circle2 can be claimed. 

And for the record, the decision is final and cannot be disputed.

Plugin Boutique

Again, we can thank our friends at Plugin Boutique. They will provide the free copy of Circle2. Make sure to check them out as they are the #1 online shop selling plugins and applications from a very broad range of developers. So if you are in need of plugins, instruments, effects, head over to their website!





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