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midichords // about 3 years ago //

Youngster DJ Martin Garrix teamed up with Usher to produce his next killer track, Don't Look Down. It is not quite like the Martin Garrix we know. After Animals - his flagship production thus far - he simply continued producing one big room house track after another. He is having a great time obviously, entertaining partying crowds all over the world. But with Don't Look Down - and maybe even more so with the track Hidden Voices - Martin Garrix is venturing into new territory.

Some like the 'old' Martin Garrix, others this newer style, but that's merely a matter of personal taste. The exciting thing with people is not necessarily what they do now, but how they evolve and develop. Even if you hate mainstream party music, be sure to keep following this young Dutch DJ. Granted, he's part of the machinery called Spinnin Records, but without talent he wouldn't be anywhere.

Download MIDI of Don't Look Down here!

Back to Don't Look Down featuring Ushers great vocals. Listen and deem for yourself. Don't forget to leave a comment to let us know what you think of this track!

By the way, did you know Midichords has several other Martin Garrix midi files as well - tracks like Animals, Wizard and Tremor? Follow this link and we'll list them all for you.


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