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midichords // over 4 years ago //

NOTE: Scroll down for a midi file of Animals! If we had written this post one year ago you would probably have said 'Who the fuck is Martin Garrix?!' Indeed, until his monster hit Animals Martin Garrix was simply unknown to the public. And why should his name have rung a bell? The boy is only 17 years old and if it were not for his recent success with Animals he would probably play videogames with his friends, run around on a muddy soccer field and chase girls. That's what 17-year old boys do right? Well at least in the Netherlands they do.

The Netherlands is home to many famous dj's. It's the country of Armin van Buuren and Tiesto who do not need further introduction. It is an extremely fertile place when it comes to electronic dance music and undoubtedly Martin Garrix' rise to fame is closely related to the fact that he is dutch and from a very early age has been exposed to music from the likes of Hardwell, Ferry Corsten and Sander van Doorn. To name just a few more EDM stars from Martin Garrix' home land.
Having said that, his success is not merely the result of buying a DAW (Martin Garrix uses FL Studio) and riding the EDM wave. It does not work like that and anyone who has ever played around with a DAW knows this. While everyone can buy the tools, skills and experience never come cheap. And that is why Martin Garrix' achievement is amazing, even if his success cannot only be contributed to his own efforts. 
If you like to play around with Animals in your own DAW, we've prepared a small midi file. Just download it, import it into your own favorite DAW and have fun!
And if you like to hear from Martin Garrix himself how he composed this track, have a look at this video.


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