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midichords // about 5 years ago //

We are proud to announce the winners of our second Midi2MP3 composition competition! While we did not have so many participants this time, all submissions were of a high quality. However, the voters did not leave much doubt as to what entry was the best. 

Our member Rockironwebb scored an amazing 4.82 (out of 5). And that is no surprise as he really put an effort into his contribution. This is what he wrote:

Here is my entry. I slowed the tempo down from the original midi track. I used ableton live 8, UA autogun,Izotope Ozone. I have had a pretty hectic few weeks due to the holiday season so I didn't have as much time to work on this one as I would have liked. Enjoy!!!

If you want to listen to his song, you can do that here.

While Rockironwebb got the highest rating, the rule states that a contribution needs at least 20 votes to be considered for the shortlist. And...Rockironwebb's submission did not meet that requirement. Unfortunately. 

It was actually the contribution with the second highest rating that met  the criteria of 20 votes. PureNRG scored 4.04 which is also great and shows that voters really liked his composition. This is what he wrote:

I used the FL Studio Demo, along with a couple instances of Piano One and Synth1 to create this song. I wanted the midi pattern to be noticeable without dominating the entire song, so I added some piano parts, along with some pads, bass, and melody to round out my composition. I hope you enjoy it!

You can listen to his contribution here.

We at Midichords believe that the rules should be followed, but in some cases it makes sense to break them. Don't start speeding and drive through red traffic lights and then tell the cops it is our fault. But we have decided to award both Rockironwebb and PureNRG the first prize.

Congrats to both!


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