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midichords // over 5 years ago //

We are proud to announce the winner of our first ever Midi2MP3 composition competition! It was a close call as all the entries were highly creative arrangements and really fun to listen to.

But after the votes had been cast and all the dust had settled, it was deimateos who walked away with the #1 spot. He will receive the USD 99,- Image Line gift certificate. Congrats from the entire Midichords team!

Deimateos wrote a few lines about his entry:

So I put this together with 4 instances of Massive for leads, 2 instances of FM8 for bass Some Kontakt samples, drums and a bit of mixing special sauce. Every sound was played with the original melody, save for two bars of the bass and the drums of course. I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I had making it.

We definitely enjoyed listening to it! But that applies to all other entries as well. Thanks to everyone for participating and we hope that you will join us again for the next round of our Midi2MP3 compostition competitions!


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