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midichords // over 3 years ago //

Midichords is hiring! Write an EDM production tutorial and get paid for it. If you think you have what it takes to write quality material that could benefit fellow producers, then do not hesitate and drop us an email. Anything goes, from beginner level to pro, music theory, how to's related to your preferred sequencer, mixing and mastering, you name it!

There are a few rules that apply. Therefore, before you drop us an email, review the following terms carefully:


  • All material must be your original work and must not have been published elsewhere.
  • Upon sending us your text, pictures and samples, you agree to transfer us the intellectual property rights.
  • Payment is only done via paypal. If you do not have a paypal account, then get one first.
  • Not all tutorials are accepted as we require quality material that is relevant for (aspiring) EDM producers. Rejections can not be negotiated.
  • Before you start writing, check the topics you intend to cover with us. This reduces the risk that we will not accept your tutorial. Also, check whether the topics you intend to cover have already been published on the website. If so, your chances to get published will be near 0%.
  • If we decide not to publish your material, we will notify you. In that case, you keep the intellectual property rights of your work.
  • Midichords may at anytime stop accepting more tutorials. If this is the case, this will be announced on the website.


  • We are looking for anything that is relevant for (aspiring) EDM producers, inlcuding but not limited to music theory, how to's related to DAW's, plugins, effects, mixing/mastering.
  • Text and accompanying pictures must be provided in a Word document. MP3's and/or MIDI samples must be delivered separately. Note that references to MP3's and/or MIDI files must be clearly indicated in the word file.
  • The tutorials should generally be between 250 and 1250 words. Longer texts should be split up in multiple tutorials.


  • Check the following posts to get an idea of the style. Provide clear step by step descriptions and include all the necessary screenshots inside the text.




  • Payment is done via paypal upon acceptance of the tutorial by Midichords. As we may receive many tutorials please allow us some time to review (and publish) your material.
  • We pay up to $30 per tutorial. How much you will be paid depends on the number of words ($0.03 per word).
  • We will pay a bonus if the tutorial is of exceptional quality and includes MP3's and/or MIDI files. This is completely at the discretion of Midichords and cannot be negotiated.


Are you the one we are looking for? Can you help us with quality, well-written tutorials for our users? Drop us an email and tell us a bit about yourself and what topics you would like to cover. Looking forward to hear from you!



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