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midichords // over 3 years ago //

I promised Roxanne not to mention her brother and EDM star Gareth Emery in this article. Sh*t, too late. Sorry Roxanne, but I will make it up to you. The matter of fact is, Roxanne is a star in her own right and posesses one of the most enchanting, soft and warm voices I have ever come across in the world of EDM. Her vocal timbre is truly unique. And what really gives me goosebumps is the vibration in her voice, most prominently on tracks like Dash Berlin's Shelter and Gareth Emery's Soldier (sorry for mentioning your big bro again Roxanne).

Roxanne's vocals are done most justice on ballad-like tracks in my opinion. There is a subtleness that should be heard and does not need overly complex arrangements. Big bro knows this as Roxanne gets plenty of space on the splendid track Soldier. But even more so on Shelter, a track by dutch trance sensation Dash Berlin. He must have recognized the qualities of Roxanne's mesmerizing voice as the full weight of Shelter, released late 2014, is carried by her vocals. She infuses the track with so much emotion that it makes you hold your breath. Was that a tear in your left eye?

Even though she has the voice of an angel, Roxanne did not just fall from the sky. She is a multi-talented singer-songwriter who has released three independent EP's since 2011, runs her own record label (LATE records), has written music for popular TV shows. Last, but definitely not least, she just released a full length album titled 'For Weddings and a Funeral'. I am not going to dive into this album in this post, but it is a true acoustic gem with some phenomenal tracks.

That's all for now, but I will write more about her for sure. Also, I sincerely hope that her plans for the future include more EDM collaborations. I've only just discovered her and not willing yet to let her go ;)

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