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midichords // about 5 years ago //

I am a trance music addict. With its dynamics, melodic and atmospheric qualities and ethereal female leads (vocal trance), trance music is uplifting, beautiful and even spiritual. Like no other genre it connects with my emotions.

Some say that trance is the love child of classical music. I am not sure what exactly that means, but there is no doubt that trance uses symphonic/orchestral elements as well as classical forms in melody and chord structure.

And while I love the classic “four-to-the-floor“ time signature being manifested in the most awesome grooves, I also love it when a track waits to employ the standard beat structure and instead starts with a classical piece. Such a classical intro can really guide you into the song, build up energy and create tension that finds its release in the trance track that will follow.

For example, listen to Rank 1 – Opus 17, a (classic) track with a fantastic build-up. It is definitely one of my favorites.

If you'd like to check out the chords and some of the other elements of this awesome trance track, download the midi here on the site and import it into your favorite DAW. 

Free Midi Rank 1 - Opus 17

Whether an intro is classical or not, it can make or break a trance track. What is your favorite intro? Drop us a comment!



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