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Sweden has a long and rich tradition when it comes to popular music. Actually, per capita it is one of the most successful exporters of pop and rock music in the world. They gained this international prominence after ABBA won the eurovision song contest. This group sold so many records that it is the second most successful group ever after the Beatles.

Anyone who has ever visited this Scandinavian nation knows it has an abundance of trees and it seems there is new talent behind every single one of them. As far as electronic music is concerned there is a steady flow of dj’s that get public notice and climb the stairs of fame. Most prominently Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Axwell, Alesso and a handful of other exceptionally talented producers.

In this edition of Follow4 we’ll have a listen to four Swedish producers who may not be as know as Avicii (yet), but who receive ever increasing support and airtime and are great examples of what Sweden has to offer.

Bjorn Akesson

Well, this guy is no longer a jewel that’s hidden behind the trees. Bjorn Akesson is already a true EDM star who released some fantastic trance tracks, such as Robot Religion, Sandcastle Express and Painting Pyramids. Another, more recent progressive trance track is Hello Space. When you listen to this song your soul and body immediately start to resonate with the fantastic rythmic drive. One of the best progressive tracks this year!

Bjorn Akesson - Hello Space by Bjorn Akesson


Sebastian Brandt

Another Swedish trance gem, from the town of Helsingborg, who has stepped into the limelight with some fantastic trance tunes! Sebastian is definitely one of my personal discoveries this year.

Listen to Java, a great trance track with an awesome uplifting feel. 

Sebastian Brandt - Java by Sebastian Brandt


Marcus Schossow

Another Helsingborg resident, Marcus Schossow, cannot really be compared to anyone else in my opinion. He fuses various styles and sounds in highly original and trancy tracks that make you want to listen and listen again. He really is a very talented producer who got voted most popular Nordic DJ in 2008 and 2009 – after just a few years of making music! 

Listen to Hurry Up, a splendid vocal track with the beautiful voice of Elleah.

Many of you may not have heard of Millaway, but since 2009 when he released ‘Signs & Wonders’ he has received a great deal of support and airtime by some big names in the industry. It is an up-and-comer to keep an eye on!
Listen to Mercury, a formidable, spot on, solid trance production that is head and shoulders above the ordinary.


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