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midichords // over 5 years ago //

Unleash your inner DJ and join us for another Midi2MP3 composition competition! 

It is easy and fun to participate and guess what...we're raising the stakes! This time you can win Image Line's FL Studio Producer Edition or - in case you already have a license for FL Studio -  an Image Line product of your choice (from the Image Line webshop) worth USD 199 in IL VCash!

The great thing about our Midi2MP3 composition competitions is that it is for everyone. You really do not have to be a pro with many years of production experience or be a master in the art of remixing. Midi2MP3 is about - well, the name says it all - turning a MIDI track into a composition.

It is not a remix contest, it is not a 'compose something from scratch' competition. It's about importing a MIDI file and be as creative as you can you be. Add everything a good dance track needs, such as a solid bassline, groove and chords, spice it up with effects and automation and you are ready to join!

Click here to go to the competition page. We hope you give it a try!


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